The owner of Scope International Distribution, Jean-Philippe Schneider, was a precursor using last technologies when it was an immediate opportunity.

One of the best example is the voice picking technology. Jean-Philippe used this technology in 2004 to remove all bar code scanners from the hands of the picker. This new technology has improved the productivity of the company (a top 5 distributor in Europe) at least 15% and reduced quality issues by 80%.

When Jean-Philippe decided to use this technology, it was one of the first around the world to implement this new technology. And because it worked, many companies took the decision to implement this technology.

Below a video showing how it works.

An other example was a project using RFID technology. Examples below show easily what you can do with this technology which is for the moment not very used for business purposes.

It will change tremendously the way we track the items in the next following years. But to work efficiently, most of the time your IT system should be at least an ERP, because it is all about database and organization.


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It can be used to secure the entry of your business.

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To manage your inventory in real time.

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Again, it is just the beginning and technology must be used to improve your operational cost, gain time and increase the quality of your service.